poniedziałek, 17 października 2016

1 kit - 10 cards + VIDEO tutorial

Hi everyone :)
I am happy to be back and finally share my recent makes for My Creative Scrapbook kit club.
I created 10 scrapbookig cards out of 1 Limited Edition kit.
I have to say this is one of my most favourite kit in the last few months, it features brand new Heirloom Botanicals papers from 49andMarket.
Without much more talking, here their are, 10 cards and full VIDEO tutorial!. Enjoy xx

I hope you found those inspirational, if you did be sure to share your makes with me! I would love to see them, join my Facebook HERE be part of lovely community and share your art :) 

Love, Marta xx

niedziela, 16 października 2016

Cardboard ATC's by Marta + VIDEO tutorial

Hello friends,
I am back to you with I hope an interesting project, actually 9 little projects.
I created a set of 9 ATC's for Dusty Attic!
Artist trading cards (ATCs) are miniature pieces of art that are traded around the world. Artists create, trade and collect art at organized "swap" events, either in person or online. The only official rule for ATCs is the size: 2.5" x 3.5"
Did you ever make some ATC's ? If not I do hope that this video will encourage you to do so :)

As you can see I used Corrugated Card from Dusty as my base. This is a great way to use some recycled cardboard that you may find at home.

Every card has a lovely chipboard that suit the size and matches to the whole group.
Sometimes I cut my chipboards into smaller pieces. You are free to use any chipboard you have in your stash! Use what you already have!
To colour my cards I used sprays.

Lastly as my final touches I add gems, pearls...flowers. 
You can get those in my ETSY Store :) here
I hope you will find those inspirational and I do hope you will make your own.
I wish you will enjoy the video and create with me!

Sending you many creative hugs, Marta xx

środa, 5 października 2016

Magical cards for Lindy's Stamp Gang

Hello dear friends, 

Today is my last blog post for Lindy's...
I am finishing my two years of being part of Lindy's Design Team, but... it does not mean I am saying goodbye :) 
I am very proud to say that I will be a Brand Ambassador for Lindy's. I will be still around, sharing my projects, using my most favourite products of Lindy's Stamp Gang and giving workshops. You can meet me on my social media Facebook, YouTube, Blog and Instagram. I will be posting inspirations and sharing my love for Lindy's. You know there is no me without Lindy's sprays :)
I am happy that I can still inspire you with my art!

Today's project is for everyone... It is fun and very easy to do. All you need is few magicals. I used the September colour set. 

go greased lightnin 

Feel free to use any colour you have in your stash. I used watercolour paper to create my background. Start with sprinkling some powder onto your page and sprays some water over.  

Next step is to dry your paper. Once this is done, cut the page into 6x6 card size. Attach your background to the cards and start adding embellishments. I added chipboards from my favourite Scrapiniec, flowers and some cabochon shiny gems from my Etsy store (visit here). 
Easy isn't ?  

 I hope you found these ideas inspirational and helpful.  

  Hugs, Marta xx marta-brand-ambassador-blog-post-footer-2016-v-3

poniedziałek, 3 października 2016

Love You Forever

Hello friends,
I am back to you with very special project... project in the memory of Suzi.

Loosing a pet it's never easy... but seeing your child saying godbye it's the hardest thing ever.
This page was created for Finnabair Creative Team only last night... with very much broken heart but I felt I had to and needed to do it, simple but very meaningful.

The texture and colours are reflecting my mood... I wanted to capture the thoughts we all had.
I believe that saying things out loud helps...

To create the texture I used lace and modeling paste through the stencil.
To colour my piece I used Lindy's Stamp Gang sprays and silver Finnabair acrylic paint from Prima.

As my final touch I added three Finnabair metal hearts using gel medium.

ps. Only less than 2 weeks ago... I recorded Suzi in this video - you can see her at around... 25:16 minutes. :) .......


Wishing you all the best,
Love, Marta xx

środa, 21 września 2016

My Creative Scrapbook September Limited Edition kit 2016

Hello my sweet friends,

I would love to share with you few of my recent cards.
I created 8 boho style cards from September Limited Edition kit from My Creative Scrapbook kit club. Here is the link for the kit club website... you can read all about it and see all the kits available.

I also made a video, where I share the whole process on all 8 cards, enjoy :)

Love, Marta xx

ps. You can buy those cards and few other bits in my Etsy store
HERE is a link, enjoy 


czwartek, 15 września 2016

All about TEXTURE - 20 ideas Mixed Media Art Tutorial

Hello my dear friends :)
Today it's gonna be a little special. Why ? I am gonna talk as usual about projects, videos etc but... 
I will also talk about you guys, yes YOU !

But before that... let me just share with you the yummy textures created in All about Texture video :)
I had to capture those textured cards before I turn them into coloured art pages!
Only now, when I look at them all together I see why you enjoyed this video so much. 
I do feel inspired already only by looking at them :)

Finally I had a chance to make some individual photos :) 
I also added some titles for better explanation. 
It's like a library of the texture ideas :)

In one video we created 20 different textures, I showed you all from start to finish. We used product packaging, recycled cardboard that everyone has at home. Those looks like big, fat tags :)
At the end of the video I quickly finished one of the textured backgrunds and created this piece!

After watching several of my videos wheter they were about texture or starting a page... you have shared a huge amount of projects with me!
I would love to share those with you today.
 Take time and look at them closely! Stunning pieces!
Thank you dear friends for watching my videos, for taking time to create and for sharing your makes on my Facebook and my Instagram. I am so grateful for each and everyone of you and so very proud!
You shared plenty projects on Instagram... 
when you use #maremismallart not only me but others are able to see your art too !

If you missed the video all about 'TEXTURE', here it is :)


Textures, all in one! I am in looooove :)

I knew you were waiting for another episode of  'TEXTURE' series so I made a NEW video where I finished 2 packing cards!
For those who didn't see it, please feel free to watch it :)

Again, you have made my day by sharing your attempts, stunning creative works where some of you just started the mixed media journey for the first time, some were stuck with no inspiration and some of you just felt like creating.
It is my biggest pleasure and reward to see your makes, to see your trials and to walk next to YOU in your creative path.
Look at this collage of stunning projects inspired by my videos, I am absolutely stunned and proud!

 From the bottom of my heart... THANK YOU!
You have given me so much love and support that I am not even sure how to thank for.
You found courage to make a piece, then you were strong enough to share it with us on Maremi's Facebook, I am proud and HAPPY!

Lastly I wish to share my latest recycled cards... I adore the texture and how different those are.

To all You Artists!
I hope you found this post inspirational and most importantly it will encourage you to START, to open up and use your stash, to look for your creativity... with all Maremi's Friends you can try, you can start and break the blank page, experiment and ENJOY !

If you are not too sure visit my YouTube channel for more beginners videos - Click here :)

Ok enough of talking :) :)
ps. do share your art inspired by my videos with us on Facebook or Instagram :)
ps.2 Did you see I am a teacher in Wanderlust 2017 ?!

If you wish to read more please click HERE :)

I love, love love you, Marta xxx